Invited Speakers

Topic 1. Statistical physics and ab-initio simulations

  • Simon Groth, U Kiel, Kiel (Germany)

The Uniform Electron Gas at Warm Dense Matter Conditions

  • Vladimir Steigalov, JIHT/MIPT, Moscow (Russia)

Interpretation of thermodynamic quantities in ab-initio non-equilibrium molecular dynamics


Topic 2. Production of non-ideal plasmas (using optical lasers, free electron lasers, heavy-ion beams, Z machine, high explosives etc.)

  • Alessandra Ravasio, LULI, Palaiseau (France)

Warm Dense Matter studies relevant for planetary science


Topic 3. Diagnostics of non-ideal plasmas (using x-ray scattering, line shapes, stopping power, emission and absorption etc.)

  • Dominik Kraus, HZDR, Dresden (Germany)

Probing C-H mixtures at conditions relevant to the interiors of giant planets and Brown Dwarfs


Topic 4. Equilibrium properties, equations of state and phase transitions

  • Jiayu Dai, NUDT, Changsha (China)

Dynamic electron-ion collisions and non-local effects on the structures of warm dense matter

  • Pavel Levashov, JIHT/TSU, Moscow/Tomsk (Russia)

Consistent interpretation of experimental data for dense metallic plasma near the liquid-gas coexistence curve


Topic 5. Kinetics, transport and optical properties

  • Bastian Witte, U Rostock, Rostock (Germany)


Topic 6. Dense astrophysical and ICF plasmas

  • Gilles Chabrier, ENS Lyon, Lyon (France)


Topic 7. Ultra-intense laser-matter interaction

  • Nail Inogamov, Landau Inst., Moscow (Russia)


Topic 8. Dusty plasmas

  • Ingrid Mann, UiT, Tromsø (Norway)


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